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Posted: 3/4/2010 Last Updated: 3/4/2010

Barrie Schuster

50 new street trees are coming to the West of Wells neighborhood on April 24, 2010! The second annual Roots for Wells tree planting campaign is focusing on our neighborhood this spring. The Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board and the City of Reno Parks department donated funds to purchase 50 trees which will be planted by volunteers (hopefully you) in the public right of way planting strips between the curb and sidewalk along the residential streets. City of Reno Urban Forestry staff surveyed numerous planting locations and mailers will be going out to the property owners next week! If you receive a mailer and want trees planted in the parkway strip in front of your property, please respond immediately as there may be more respondents than available trees. Last year the project was kicked off in the residential neighborhood east of Wells and over 80 volunteers planted 100 trees in 2 ½ hours! We wanted to wait until the sidewalks were replaced to bring the project to our side of Wells Avenue, and we are lucky because the Public Works Department worked with us to make sure PVC sleeves were installed under our sidewalks which makes it much easier for the property owner to run drip irrigation to the trees. Sleeve locations are marked with a notch at the edge of the sidewalks where they meet the planting strips. If you own a property in the neighborhood that has at least a five foot wide planting strip adjacent to it, and there is room to plant trees without blocking intersections or overhead lines, you should receive a letter next week for your FREE TREES!! Tree species were selected by the Urban Forester to fit within the limited space of the planting strip and have minimal root intrusion. This year, we will see Robinson Crabapple, Eastern Redbud, Flowering Pear, Golden Raintree, and Amur Maple species. All are flowering trees which will add to the beauty of the neighborhood each and every spring.


To volunteer for this year's crew, contact Barrie Schuster at 775-544-6744 or email 


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