Thank Yous!

Posted: September-28-10 Posted by:

We have a few very important thank yous to make this month. First Sadie, and Sasquakk Design, who puts together this newsletter and has designed our West of Wells logo. And, thanks to Jim and Mike and JM Studio Inc. for designing and putting together our website. Jim and Mike have spent hours downloading info onto our website – we are very proud to have the new site to represent the West of Wells neighborhood! We are lucky to have Sadie, Mike and Jim volunteer their time and talents, and are glad they are our neighbors!

Also, we want to thank the City of Reno. The Mayor and the Reno City Council, especially our City Council Representative Councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza, have supported us in many of our efforts over the past few years - most recently to change the ordinance governing liquor stores in our neighborhood. Thanks for believing that our neighborhood could become a better place and committing resources to help us. Along these same lines we also want to convey our thanks to Claudia Hanson from Community Development Department, and Charla Honey from the Public Works Department. Thank you all for your support of our neighborhood!