An Illuminating Idea

Posted: September-28-10 Posted by:

Come to our next meeting and receive a free light bulb courtesy of NV Energy!


According to Reno Police Officer Kelli Fox increasing the lighting around your property is one of the best ways to deter crime.

A well-lit property leaves the impression that you are home and takes away the shadows under which break-ins and crimes may occur. Keeping your porch light on all night is an easy way to add light and safety to the neighborhood. If you use a CFL light bulb, it costs only 3 cents a day to keep your porch light or an outside light on.

Come to our next meeting – we are fliering the neighborhood to advertise our meetings to more of our neighbors and to announce that everyone who attends will receive a free CFL lightbulb courtesy of NV Energy! Also, someone from RPD will be on hand to discuss ways to keep your property and our neighborhood safe. The meeting will be held at our usual spot, El Cordero de Dios Church at 6pm on Tuesday night, April 13th.