Landlord Notes

Posted: January-20-11 Posted by: West Of Wells

Property management practices are a citywide problem, but in a neighborhood where more than 80% of all residences are tenant occupied, the situation can get ugly if not kept in check. Luckily, in the West of Wells neighborhood, we have many responsible landlords and the neighborhood group has been successful in reaching out to landlords who have kept nuisance properties. What can an absentee landlord do to be sure their properties are not a neighborhood menace? The first thing to understand is that a property management company is not a substitute for an owner’s responsibility. Landlords who use property management companies should also make a point to visit their properties regularly and inspect for needed repairs. Tenants who see that their landlord cares about the property will be more likely to care for the property. It is when tenants feel they are living in a run down property that nobody cares about, and that no one is looking after, that resentment turns to disrespect. Even in larger multi unit dwellings, it is possible for a landlord to make a difference. There is a 16 unit property on Crampton just east of Wells that is managed by an out of state landlord from California. Although he is not around every day, he makes regular visits to the property to do maintenance and knows the tenants by name. This simple act has established a relationship with the tenants and they see him as a person, not as a nameless faceless entity. Landlords who avoid contact with their properties are at the root of the problem of nuisance properties.