An initiative started in our neighborhood catches on citywide!

Posted: July-13-10 Posted by: Dagny Stapleton


At the Feb 10th Reno City Council meeting, which included the final passage of an ordinance to limit the number of liquor stores on Wells Avenue, Councilmember Gustin had an additional item added to the agenda to discuss how similar changes could be implemented throughout the city. The Council approved the staff time to begin work on the issue. Gustin’s request reflects something that we in the Wells Avenue neighborhood are already aware of - that limiting these stores in one area only causes them to increase disproportionately in adjacent areas. This is what happened on Wells when stores were limited in the downtown area, and what is now happening in the Midtown area along Virginia Street as a result of the limits on Wells. He also brought attention to the issue of the drug paraphernalia that is sold in these stores - many sell an array of pipes that are commonly used to smoke Meth. We are happy to see that our efforts to help curb the overabundance of these stores (over 13 between Plumb and I80 on Wells!) brought this issue to the attention of many in the city who live and work beyond the Wells Ave area.

Once again, we are proud to be the squeaky wheel! Thanks to everyone in the neighborhood who spent time working on this issue!