Neighborhood Meeting Update

Posted: July-13-10 Posted by: Dagny Stapleton

We had a great turnout again for our February meeting. RPD beat officer Jarel Hallert was there to meet us and give us an overview of recent crimes in the neighborhood. Officer Hallert reported that crime was down overall and took questions from the group. We also had a group discussion and vote about our new WOW logo, and talked about when to use Reno Direct. Barrie gave an overview of the upcoming Roots for Wells tree planting project, scheduled April 24, 2010 and Marcus White, Councilwoman Sferrazza’s new liaison, introduced himself to the group. There was also some good news reported back from the City, that most of the new streetlights we asked for have been installed. Some corners and blocks that were potential hazards for pedestrians and drivers are now well lit!

Angie Borrayo from RPD’s Graffiti Enforcement Team will be at our March meeting to give us a presentation about how to recognize and report graffiti. Angie does a great presentation with illustrations of different types of graffiti and how to recognize them. She will also talk about how important it is to report graffiti promptly to ensure that taggers are caught and that RPD has the evidence they need to convict them. (call 334-INFO to report graffiti!)

Our next meeting will be Tuesday March 9 at 6pm at El Cordero de Dios church on the corner of Wheeler and Crampton streets. Also we plan to have our fliers printed by this meeting so that those who are able can take a stack to pass out in their part of the neighborhood. Thanks to John Perez for designing a beautiful flier, and to Marcus and the City of Reno for helping us get them printed! The fliers will advertise our meetings, and provide tips for crime prevention.