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Historical Resources Commission Meeting About Stewart Park

Posted: June-10-15 Posted by:

Tomorrow June 11 at 3:00 pm there will be a Historical Resources Commission meeting at city hall to discuss the removal of paint from Stewart Park wall as well as a discussion on ideas for ongoing maintenance and preservation of this important historic park and wall that are the pride of our neighborhood. I hope you can attend. The agenda appears below. The meeting is in the conference room on the 2nd floor.
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First Annual West of Wells Seed & Plant Exchange

Posted: April-18-14 Posted by:

Don't miss it! For more info...
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First WOW Meeting of 2014 This Tuesday!

Posted: February-13-14 Posted by: WOW

Meeting Info and Neighborhood News
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WOW in the news!

Posted: July-08-13 Posted by: WOW

Check out this great article on RGJ about our neighborhood efforts! Click here to read.

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WOW Meeting Tuesday July 9th

Posted: July-07-13 Posted by: WOW

At our June WOW meeting we discussed the loss of our fearless East of Wells leader Christoph Micklon. Members of WOW, in partnership with the City, will discuss planting a memorial tree in Christoph's honor. At our July meeting we will discuss the tree planting as well as the new City of Reno Graffiti Task Force. The Task Force will be made up of members from throughout the City, including a few from our neighborhood, and will address ways we can better combat graffiti in the City. See you at the meeting - 6pm Tuesday July 9th!
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Anti-Graffiti Demonstration

Posted: May-08-13 Posted by: WOW

Anti-Graffiti Demonstration - City Hall! Be there at noon to voice your concerns about the proliferation of graffiti in our City! We need as many bodies to show up as possible so that the Council Members know that we are taking this seriously. Be there!
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Anti-Graffiti Call to Action!

Posted: April-18-13 Posted by: WOW

Thanks to everyone who attended the anti-graffiti meeting last week! Property owners, businesses, and residents from Wells Ave, West of Wells, and Midtown met to discuss the recent, city-wide, rash of graffiti and what we can do to combat it. First and foremost we decided that the City Council needs to hear from us on this issue! We have chosen May 8 as the date we will all go to Council to voice our concerns.
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Graffiti Town Hall

Posted: April-09-13 Posted by: WOW

Graffiti Town Hall, tonight! 6pm at El Cordero de Dios Church, corner Wheeler and Crampton. We will discuss the worsening rash of graffiti throughout Reno and what we can do to combat this problem. All are welcome! Tell your neighbors or any fellow property or business owners!
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Conservation District Inauguration

Posted: February-21-13 Posted by: WOW

On Friday March 1, 2013 at 12:00 pm at the corner of Holcomb Avenue and Roberts Street, the City of Reno will host an inaugural event to celebrate the adoption of the Wells Avenue Neighborhood Conservation District. The Public Works Department will install the first of numerous signs planned to designate the district!
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Wells Avenue Neighborhood Group Meeting

Posted: February-11-13 Posted by: WOW

Our next WOW meeting is this Tuesday, the 12th at 6pm at El Cordero de Dios, on the corner of Wheeler and Crampton. At this meeting we will discuss: More about graffiti and what we can do to help combat it - including plans for a neighborhood clean up this spring, and neighborhood outreach about reducing and removing graffiti Updates on crime in the neighborhood The St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Chase - this is the inaugural year for this event and it will be focused in the West of Wells Neighborhood! Barrie will give us an update on the Wells Avenue Conservation District sign project - we will soon be getting signs throughout the neighborhood that acknowledge the historic value of the homes and businesses in the Wells Avenue area!
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